In Light of the current covid19 situation, consider supporting your process with online breakthrough mindset coaching sessions with Stacey. There's never been a better time to do your deep inner work for releasing old material and creating the life you want, while receiving support for navigating the difficult times at hand. Breakthrough sessions are a powerful way to neutralize difficult emotions, own your deepest desires, and gain perspective on bringing them to life, all utilizing the incredible power of your subconscious mind.

Find out more at Stacey's other website - Heartcore Global

Wishing you Wellness - Love to All!!

cleanse and renew with kambo


Based in the Seattle area, Stacey at Kambo Natural is an advanced IAKP certified Kambo practitioner facilitating Kambo circles

and one-on-one  Kambo sessions in the US and internationally

for improved wellbeing and vitality.

Through her heartCore global practice, Stacey offers Subconscious Breakthrough Sessions for

pre and post-integration and processing of your indigenous medicine experiences,

finding your most authentic voice and true path, fears and phobias,

peak performance, and supporting your personal evolution through direct work with the subconscious. 

remove blocks, improve clarity, and
enjoy a better sense of self

Work with Stacey in powerful one-on-one coaching sessions. A perfect way to receive support during this time of change and introspection. Contact Stacey for details.   

kambo circle

UPDATE: At this time, Kambo Natural will not be offering circles until further notice.



Schedule a session with Stacey before and after your experiences with Kambo and other indigenous practices. A believer in natural methods for health and wellness, Stacey skillfully offers processing and integration before and after your exploration into these powerful practices. 


"I was fortunate to experience my first ever three Kambo sessions in three consecutive days under Stacey's steady, very professional, yet down to earth guidance. She holds a very clear space for doing this powerful medicine, and during each ceremony she provided me with a strong sense of safety, care and respect. Stacey's own healing through the course of her life clearly helps her to bring some very deep wisdom, empathy and devotion into her healing work with others. And the space she holds for people who choose to partake in this medicine reflects not only the depth of her knowledge, but also a great degree of thoughtfulness, intelligence and loving kindness which she freely shares with her clients as they move through the intensity of the profoundly purifying and healing experience that is Kambo."



—  Linda Z - Kent, WA

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