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cleanse and renew with kambo


Based in the Seattle area, Stacey at Kambo Natural is an advanced IAKP certified Kambo practitioner facilitating Kambo circles

and one-on-one  Kambo sessions in the US and internationally

for improved wellbeing and vitality.



Through her heartCore global practice, Stacey offers Breakthrough Sessions for

pre and post-integration and processing of your indigenous medicine experiences

and supporting your personal evolution through direct work with the subconscious and the biofield. 

remove blocks, improve clarity, and
enjoy a better sense of self
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Work with Stacey in powerful one-on-one coaching sessions. A perfect way to receive support during this time of change and introspection. Contact Stacey for details.   

kambo circle

Kambo circles in Seattle and around the PNW. Choose from 3-day weekend circles or monthly New Moon Energetic Kambo Clinics.



Schedule a session with Stacey before and after your experiences with Kambo and other indigenous practices. A believer in natural methods for health and wellness, Stacey skillfully offers processing and integration before and after your exploration into these powerful practices. 


Philomedusa Bicolor - John Sullivan, Ribbit Photography


“Stacey was great to work with. She showed up prepared and professional, but also fun, trustworthy and easy to work with. She held a strong space for our experience, which was profound. As she mentioned, there is some process time, and for the week or so after the Kambo experience, I felt some heart shifts and many other healings occurring on various levels. We are grateful to have found Kambo and Stacey was a great person to experience it with. Blessings.” 


—  Roy - Everett, WA

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